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Spring Concert
Congleton Town Hall, May 1st 2010

In the Town Hall on May 1st, Congleton Choral Society gave a challenging programme of Charpentier, Pergolesi and Haydn that really put the choir (and the audience, some might say!) on its mettle.

Charpentier’s ‘Te Deum’ is his best known work and has gained popularity through the adoption of its Prelude as a media anthem, recognized with pleasure by the majority of the audience. This was perhaps the most difficult piece for performers and listeners alike in its length and wordiness, though it gave the soloists a chance to shine.

Pergolesi’s ‘Magnificat’ wooed the audience a little more with its melody, pace and choral interludes.

However the best was last, with Haydn’s Nelson, otherwise known as the Imperial Mass. The piece thrilled with the urgency of the Kyrie, the heartfelt call "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy" the drama of the Gloria and the sheer energy of the Credo. One of the audience commented "'d never heard the Nelson Mass before and it made a tremendous impression on me. How can music that is in some ways so predictable - you often know what's going to happen for the next few bars - yet be so interesting and indeed moving?"

Overall, the choir performed well and gave great support to superb international standard soloists accompanied by a professional orchestra.

Other comments were:

"The Choir sounded wonderful and my wife, who sings in another choir was mesmerised by the singing."

"Thrilling; so exciting; no need to travel to Manchester for choral concerts when we can hear marvellous music here in our own Town Hall".

"The soprano soloist was out of this world".

"All the soloists were excellent, but I especially enjoyed the tenor".